Kashmir: Strike and protests, Police raid, arrests and tear gas disrupt daily life in AJK

Jammu & Kashmir POK - Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

MUZAFFARABAD/BAGH/KOTLI/RAWLAKOT: According to social media and civil society reports: The police arrested dozens of People Action Committee members in different parts of the Pakistani Administrated state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The People of AJK announced Nation-Wide peaceful protests and rallies against the illegal arrest and detention. The People are protesting since last 3 months against the highly inflated electricity bills, the unavailability of flour and the extravagance of the rulers.

The Police in the late night raided the Sit-In camps in the Capital Muzaffarabad, in Rawlakot, Bagh, Abbaspour, Ponch, Kotli and in several other parts of the State of AJK. The arrested many people there, Confiscated the Chairs, Carpets, table and other accessories and filed cases (FIRs) against the officials of the Public Action Committee.

Today, In response, the people came into the street of AJK in masses, raised slogans and encircled the concerning Police Stations and Judicial and Public Service buildings and Offices. Police is responding with Battoncharge and Tear Gas. Though the protesters are still peacefull and advancing to the Sit-In points from where they were expelled last night.

It is pertinent to mention that since the partitation of the state in 1947, the pakistani adminstrative part of the State of J&K is mainly under developed. There are rare job opportunities and the overwhelming majority of the job seekrs are working in different Gulf-States, some are also working in various cities of Pakistan as labourers.

The recent inflation and highly inflated electricity bills make the life a hell for the people and to force them to street since last three months. It is pertinent to mention here that no Pakistani Media reports the protest and the misries of the people of the State of AJK, though they claim that “Kashmir is the Jegular Vein” of Pakistan.