Kashmir: Complete shutter down and protests in every corner of AJK against inflation and for free electricity

Jammu & Kashmir POK - Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

MUZAFFARABAD: The Kashmir in Pakistani administrated Kashmir (PaK) called a shutter down strike and protest on 5th of September to express their anger against the rising inflation, inflated electricity and deviation of the agreements for free electricity.

The people from all walks of life, all trade unions, political parties, student organisations, Bar Councils, traders and the members of civil society participated in protest demonstration from every city and town of the State of AJK.

The protesters who were holding placards, banners, flags and mega-phones raised slogans and delivered speechs for their demands.

They warned the AJK and Pakistan government to hold more such actions if there demands are not fullfilled in due course.

The organisers threatend, if their demands are not fullfilled in a certain time limit, they next protest would be held in front of the Legeslative Assembly with hundred thousand protesters and will stay their untill their demands are fullfilled.

However the protesters remains peacefull and there was no report of violence in any part of the divide.

It is pertinent to mention here that these protest rallies and complete shutter down was totally black-outed in Pakistan’s electronic and print media.