Sikhs in Pakistan Face Threats: Call for Swift Action Grows


In a deeply concerning development, Jathedar Harpreet Singh of Takht Sri Damdama Sahib has strongly condemned the threatening letters recently dispatched to Sikhs residing in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The Jathedar has urgently appealed to both the Indian and Pakistani governments to take immediate and necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of Sikh families within Pakistan.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Jathedar Harpreet Singh revealed that Sikh families in Rawalpindi and Panja Sahib have been targeted with ominous letters, coercing them to either convert to Islam or leave the nation. This distressing campaign has cast a cloud of fear and unease over the Sikh communities.

Recalling a similar history of persecution, he pointed out that three decades ago, families in Kabul, Kandahar, and Wazirabad, Afghanistan, used to serve at the residences of revered Gurus. Tragically, due to escalating violence against them, many Sikhs were compelled to flee, leaving only a mere handful – about five to seven families – in Afghanistan today.

Tracing the origins of the ongoing threat, Jathedar Harpreet Singh lamented the wave of targeted violence that later spread to Pakistan. This wave led to the migration of numerous Sikh families to safer locations such as Panja Sahib, Lahore, and Nankana Sahib in Pakistani Punjab. Expressing the urgency of the matter, he emphasized the need for the immediate apprehension of those responsible for sending the threatening letters.

Additionally, Jathedar Harpreet Singh earnestly urged gurdwara committees to leverage their influence and exert pressure on their respective governments. Their aim should be to collaboratively devise effective strategies that ensure the safeguarding of Sikhs residing in Pakistan.

With this alarming situation continuing to unfold, the safety of Sikh families in Pakistan remains a matter of grave concern. The pleas of Jathedar Harpreet Singh for swift and resolute action must not go unheard. As the world watches, the global community waits with bated breath for the Indian and Pakistani governments to take the necessary steps and guarantee the protection and well-being of these vulnerable