UK announces new sanctions against Russia over ‘relocating’ Ukrainian children


Taking notice of “forced deportation” of children from Ukraine to Russian-controlled territory, the UK government on Monday announced new sanctions against Moscow.

In response to “Russia’s attempts to destroy Ukrainian national identity”, Britain’s Foreign minister James Cleverly announced the 14 sanctions, targeting those involved in the “forced deportation” of Ukrainian children, ahead of a speech at the UN Security Council (UNSC) as part of a session on the war in Ukraine.

Among those sanctioned include Russia’s Education Minister Sergey Kravtsov and the Commissioner for Children’s Rights in the Moscow Region,

Ksenia Mishonova, AFP reported, quoting a Foreign Office statement.

The UK accused them of playing “an insidious role in Russia’s calculated programme of deportation, designed to erase Ukrainian cultural and national identity.”

It added that “over 19,000 Ukrainian children have been forcibly deported to Russia or temporarily Russian-controlled territory by Russian authorities.”

Many of those deported are relocated to a network of re-education camps, “where they are exposed to Russia-centric academic, cultural, patriotic, and military education”, the UK added.__Daily Times