Rajouri youth selected for Oscars awarding Academy’s Gold Rising programme

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Jammu: The Oscars awarding Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at Hollywood, USA, has selected Shoaib Shawl, a youth hailing from Jammu and Kashmir, for its prestigious Academy Gold Rising Program of 2023.

Amongst thousands of applicants, The Academy Gold Rising accepted a selected batch of emerging talent, across the globe, who demonstrate passion, prowess, and potential as a future leader in the film industry.

As part of the Academy Gold Rising Program, Shoaib Shawl will be able to take advantage of the robust networking event offerings, growth and development opportunities, professional mentorship, and more for a curated personal enhancement programme like none other in the realm of entertainment.

Welcoming him to Hollywood, the Academy Gold Rising team wrote to Shoaib Shawl that he has been selected to join this esteemed network of current and future leaders in film and entertainment because he exhibited exceptional talent, ambition, and curiosity.

Pursuing his zeal and passion for art and filmmaking, Shoaib recently graduated from New York Film Academy (NYFA), in Los Angeles, California, and has had the opportunity to work as a production designer and director in several projects throughout these years.

While his parents hail from Rajouri town Shoaib has been brought up mainly at Jammu and Dehradun. After completing his schooling in Dehradun he joined the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles.

With his acumen in direction, cinematography, production designing, and script writing, Shoaib aims to give a voice to the lesser-known yet magnificent culture of Jammu and Kashmir and represent it globally through his art and films.

Shoaib is interested in projecting the art and culture of J&K and says “I am grateful to be part of this community where I am surrounded by mentors with their vast experience in the industry and peers who are the future of cinema.”

“I feel immensely happy not for myself but also for my country and the people of Jammu and Kashmir as I believe, through this platform, I shall be able to represent the voice of our culture at the international level. I am really very thankful to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences and the Gold Rising Program for giving me this golden opportunity. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with the people of J&K and collaborating to do something magical”.__GK News