Over 10,000 illegal migrants held in Istanbul amid intensifying ops


The irregular migrant operations spearheaded by the Interior Ministry in Istanbul have gained significant traction, resulting in the detention and deportation of more than 10,000 illegal immigrants in the last 20 days.

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya revealed last week that 15,791 illegal and irregular migrants were apprehended across Türkiye in the past month.

The minister stated his conviction that within the next four to five months, irregular migrants will no longer be present in urban areas.

The drone-assisted operations, which covered various locations such as sea boats, public transportation, parks and gardens, as well as abandoned buildings and public spaces, intensified in Istanbul under Yerlikaya’s directive. These operations accounted for approximately two-thirds of the national average of similar actions conducted throughout the country.

Amid the intensified operations, police’s anti-migrant smuggling teams have taken into custody 150 organizers suspected of profiting from illegal migration. Among these suspects, more than 70 individuals, including some foreigners, were arrested.

Meanwhile, 22 others were placed under judicial control, and 57 were released pending further investigation.

In addition, authorities have imposed substantial fines of nearly 6 million Turkish Liras ($223,000) on those facilitating illegal immigration.__Daily Hurriyet