Israeli army announces end of raid in Jenin, withdrawal of soldiers


The Israeli army on Wednesday announced the end of its raid and the withdrawal of all its soldiers from the Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank.

In a statement for the Israeli army radio, army spokesman Daniel Hagari said, “All the (Israeli) forces have left Jenin,” claiming that the raid’s “goals have been achieved.”

He also said that the Israeli army had arrested more than 300 people in Jenin, adding that “non-combatants” had been killed during the incursion.

Meanwhile, an Anadolu reporter confirmed the Israeli withdrawal from Jenin after the 48-hour raid, and said daily life started to go back to normal gradually in the refugee camp with the return of its residents who fled during the Israeli raid.

On Monday, the Israeli army started a major raid in the Jenin refugee camp with the involvement of aerial strikes. The Israeli offensive caused the death of 12 Palestinians in Jenin and more than 100 injured along with mass destruction across the refugee camp, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

The Israeli offensive triggered wide waves of condemnation from several countries including Türkiye, Jordan, Egypt, Indonesia, and others.__The Nation