India: BRICS can work to list terrorists outfits under the UN counter-terrorism sanctions regime – NSA Doval


National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on Tuesday said the BRICS group could work together on listing terrorists and their proxies under the UN counter-terrorism sanctions regime and underlined that the process should be free from politics and double standards.

During the meeting of BRICS National Security Advisors, China’s representative was Wang Yi, a member of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) Political Bureau and Director of the Office of the CPC Foreign Affairs Commission, who was also reappointed as China’s Foreign Minister on the same day.

China has consistently obstructed efforts at the United Nations Security Council to designate Lashkar-e-Taiba and other Pakistan-based operatives as international terrorists.

Doval asserted that tackling terrorism is crucial for national peace and security. He highlighted the continued operation of terror organizations in the Af-Pak region with impunity.

“It is important that the decision-making of the UNSC sanctions committee is free from politicisation and double standards,” he said without naming any country.

The BRICS bloc comprises of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

At the 13th BRICS NSAs meeting, Doval said that terrorism remains one of the key threats to national peace and security. “Terror organisations in the Af-Pak region continue to operate with impunity,” he said.

Doval mentioned that the BRICS NSAs meeting was being held at a time of great churn in the international security environment.

The global security situation is marked by uncertainty and rising tensions and the global economy is still recovering from the aftereffects of the pandemic, he said.

Doval said the global commons of cyber, maritime and space are contested.

He said non-traditional challenges of food, water, and energy security are witnessing stress and the inclusion of these topics by South Africa in the BRICS NSA’s Meeting reflects a clear understanding of the broader dimensions of security.

He appreciated the cooperation extended by South Africa for the ongoing G20 Presidency of India and assured India’s continued support for South Africa’s BRICS chairship this year.

Doval pitched for the utilisation of regional mechanisms to advance common goals and address emerging challenges.

All efforts need to be made to ensure equitable and fair access to global commons in line with international laws, he said.

He said water security is a major global issue and its prudent usage and conservation is a shared responsibility.

Doval mentioned instances of weaponisation of water and stressed the need for complete transparency and unhindered information sharing with respect to shared cross-border water resources.

The politicisation of water needs to be countered, he