Wonderful to see entire world come together for yoga: PM Modi at UN Hqrs


New York: Noting that yoga comes from India and was a very old tradition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday said that it was truly universal and could be adapted to age, gender, and fitness level.

PM Modi, who celebrated the International Day of Yoga on Wednesday at the United Nations Headquarters with the UN leadership and members of the international community, said almost every nationality was represented here today.

“Last year the entire world came together to support India’s proposal to celebrate 2023 as the International Year of Millets. It is wonderful to see the entire world come together again for yoga,” he said.

Modi said that the event was taking place at “the meeting point of entire humanity”.

“I am delighted to see you all and thank you all for coming. I am told that almost every nationality is represented here today. Yoga means to unite, so you are coming together is an expression of another form of yoga,” he said. “Yoga is free from copyrights, patents and free from royalty payments. Yoga is adaptable to your age, gender and fitness level. Yoga is portable and is truly universal.”

The PM had earlier said that he looked forward to the special celebration at the very location that supported India’s proposal in December 2014 to recognise an International Day of Yoga.__GK News