Pakistan: (Ousted PM) Imran Says SC Judges Under Pressure, Being Threatened


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan has claimed that the superior court judges were under pressure, and all institutions of the country were being used to eliminate the former ruling party, on Tuesday.

“I am aware that my superior judiciary is under immense pressure. I know that judges too are receiving phone calls from unknown [numbers] [and being threatened],” Imran said in a live address.

Speaking of the ‘unprecedented’ action against the party workers, the former premier said, “Ten thousand people, workers and supporters of ours were thrown in jail. Not only this, they tortured many of them.”

According to him, many of the supporters, including party leaders, were tortured for their will to stand with the party in critical times.

‘A new drama’

Speaking about the party desertions, Imran said several of those who had parted ways with the PTI were now at work for further breakaways.

He added that a new “drama” was in the works to create a new party and push the PTI towards it. “From what I understand, they are preparing a king’s party comprising the defectors.”

‘No electables’

On those who have quit the party, he said, “We didn’t even intend to allot tickets to most of those who have left [the PTI].”

A large number of party’s leaders – including the first tier leaders – have been leaving the Imran-led organisation following the May 9 attacks, targeting the government and military installations.

Those who distanced himself from Imran said that they were doing so in protest against the attacks on the armed forces of the country.

Threats to life

The PTI chief reiterated that he was facing serious threats to his life. “If someone is in danger, that is me.”

“They have tried to kill me twice, and I know there will be another one, and I am prepared,” he added.