Pakistan: (Ex PM) Imran vows to continue fight for ‘real independence’ come what may


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan made it clear on Sunday that he had been fighting for the last 27 years to make Pakistan a truly independent country, thus he would remain in Pakistan and would render any sacrifice to make the dream a reality rather than striking a deal or fleeing the country.

Addressing the nation on Sunday, PTI Chairman said that he was not striving for gaining power but for the future generation of the country; hence he would not compromise on his goal of Haqeeqi Azadi come what may.

Imran Khan said that he burned his boats and brought everything back home; hence he was going nowhere as he had nothing abroad and would fight for the children of this country.

Imran Khan said that he repeatedly offered for negotiated settlement to the current crisis and conveyed messages to the incumbent COAS but to no avail.

PTI Chairman stated that they should not be mistaken that he was isolated or weaken due to which he was asking for talks, adding that he could not see his country was going deep into abyss that was the reason he even held talks with Gen Bajwa.

Imran Khan urged the nation that death was better than slavery because slaves had no life as only the free people can fly high and made progress.

He said that the reign of terror was unleashed to spread fear and terrorize people, however, he pressed the nation that they should not be petrified and panicked and should protest peacefully because it was their legal, constitutional and fundamental rights as he could be detained in any fabricated and bogus case anytime.

PTI Chairman stated that the ruling parties were heading the country towards destruction because they were little bothered about the country’s interest since they were solely battling for power and money.

Imran Khan revealed that they were scared of his coming into power again because they felt him a threat for their power and wealth due to which they were hell-bent to destroy the country to block his way to regain power at all costs.

Therefore, he said that the nation must be prepared for a struggle and all sacrifices because no one would offer them independence in a plate.

PTI Chairman warned that the nations succumbed to the oppression and fear, remember they had no future at all as living nations stood up for their rights and justice, because with justice came freedom.

Talking about Greece boat tragedy, Imran Khan said that dreadful and horrifying reports surfacing that most of the victims in the ill-fated ship were Pakistanis.

However, he said that complete details were yet to come to ascertain the exact numbers of Pakistani victims in the tragic incident.

PTI Chairman said we should ask this question from ourselves what is the circumstances and which are the countries, where situations are so deteriorated that the poor people spend their whole family earning to visit European countries for better future by risking their lives.

Imran Khan stated that the people of conflict-stricken countries were fleeing the country because there was no rule of law and justice and all business were destroyed.

He cited the example of Sudan where civil war erupted that triggered mass exodus alike millions of people migrated from Syria and Libya during civil wars.

PTI Chairman said that he had been talking for the last 27 years for rule of law because progress and prosperity directly linked to justice and supremacy of law.

He went on to say that people of the strife-stricken countries including Pakistan, which ranked in the bottom in rule of law index, left for the most prosperous countries which topped the rank in rule of law index because there were a rule of law and justice.

He revealed that Pakistan ranked at 129 out of 140 in rule of index and situation more deteriorated after May 9 mayhem.

PTI Chairman said that they were getting now important information that outsiders infiltrated into PTI peaceful protestors inciting them to carry out ransacking and vandalism.

He reiterated that whenever free and fair investigation was carried out into the May 9 incident it would be established easily that it was a preplanned move so as to use the incident as an excuse to crush PTI.

Imran Khan stated that he always preferred talks and met twice with Gen Bajwa and even conveyed message to the COAS for parleys.

PTI Chairman stated that he did not offer talks because he was isolated or weekend and frustrated but he had been offering for negotiations since long to get the country out of the current quagmire of problems.

He went on to say that senior SC lawyer, teenagers social media activities were abducted, senior judges were threatened and women were being harassed, adding that police in plain clothes were violating the sanctity of four wall to spread fear and panic to create martial law like situation in the country, as people were being made slave by terrorize them.

Imran Khan said that most revered judges left the country due to the current situation of the country, adding that all attempts were being made to create hung parliament and even if PTI gained power it should be a weak government so as to the establishment could control it.

PTI Chairman made it clear that he would be going to appear in the courts seeking bails in 19 bogus cases and was ready to go to jail.

Imran Khan stated that he would face all cases and would not leave the country because he had nothing abroad, adding that life and death were at the hand of Allah who saved his life twice; hence he was not worried about anything.

Imran Khan asked how the people would invest in Pakistan when businesses of the people were being closed and destroyed.

PTI Chairman urged people to do peaceful protest because it was their constitutional rights as they neither wanted to create anarchy nor fight with the own army, adding that if 25 crore people succumbed to oppression than either the people would be fleeing the country unlawfully by risking their lives like tragic Greece shipwreck or would endure the hardship under the rule of the thieves.

Imran Khan said that death was better than slavery so they should not accept the slavery of these bandits who deterred the people by spreading fear and they must hold peaceful protests

Therefore, PTI Chairman asked the nation to be prepared mentally for all kinds of sacrifice because no one would offer them independence in a plate.__Pakistan Today