Pakistan: Civil society demands end to ‘unlawaful’ acts post-May 9


The Mediators and Citizens for Democracy at a meeting in Lahore issued the following statement: The Citizens for Democracy and Peoples’ Rights and The Mediators, condemn and express their deep concerns over the adverse ramifications of May 9 anarchist and violent attacks on state installations and martyrs’ monuments that have further exacerbated the crisis of a hybrid political formation while further narrowing civilian space and squeezing scope of civil and human rights.

We demand: Thorough and credible investigations into the May 9 violent attacks on state installations and desecration of Martyrs’ monuments. The culprits be prosecuted without duress through due process in civil courts while respecting women, releasing innocents and avoiding coercive desertions in the PTI. Announcement of elections schedule for all assemblies on one day and establishment of caretaker setups in consultation with the erstwhile opposition parties in the outgoing assemblies at the end of their non-extendable tenures. In the meanwhile, Election Commission of Pakistan must engage all political parties to finalise an inclusive framework, without excluding any party, for holding a free, fair and transparent franchise and an agreed code of ethics for all political parties and the media.

Bringing an end to ongoing tension between the judiciary and the government and certain civilian outfits and the establishment to create a congenial political atmosphere for free elections. Lifting of censorship across all media platforms, ensuring freedom of expression and all civil and political rights, including peaceful assembly. Fixing of minimum wage and pension of Rs 50,000 for all wage earners and diversion of sustainable development funds to social sectors and poverty alleviation. An end to the forcible disappearances, including jibran Nasir, and recovery of all missing persons for due process of law.__Daily Times