Pakistan: Another Sikh trader gunned down in Peshawar


PESHAWAR: In an unfortunate incident on Saturday, unidentified motorcyclists shot dead a Sikh trader, identified as Manmohan Singh, in Peshawar’s Kakshal neighbourhood.

According to SP City Abdul Salam Khalid, the incident occurred at around 8pm when Singh, who was heading home in Guldara Chowk at the time, was targeted by the motorcyclists, leaving him severely wounded.

He stated that the culprits managed to escape the scene before authorities could arrive, and further details regarding the motive and identities of the attackers are yet to be determined.

“Investigation is underway to determine whether the incident was a case of targeted killing or something else. The final conclusion will only be revealed once the investigation is completed,” he further said.

In another distressing incident on Friday in the same area, a Sikh shopkeeper was targeted by unidentified armed men.

According to Muhammad Alam, the spokesperson for the Peshawar Police, Tarlog Singh, a member of the Sikh community, was attacked near Guldara Chowk.

Tarlog Singh, a resident of Daggari, sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was later discharged from the hospital after receiving medical treatment.

The authorities have launched an investigation into the incidents, exploring various angles to uncover the truth behind these attacks.

In March, another Sikh shopkeeper was gunned down by unidentified gunmen riding on a motorcycle within the jurisdiction of Rehman Baba police station in the provincial capital.

According to details, the victim, Dayal Singh, was a resident of Peshawar’s Mohalla Jogan Shah neighbourhood.

In May of last year, Dayal Singh’s two cousins, Ranjit Singh and Koljit Singh, were targeted and killed in the suburbs of Sarband Butta Tal Bazar. An FIR was registered under terrorism provisions for the