Youth Voices Heard: G20 Summit in Srinagar

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The G20 Presidency is an opportunity for India to showcase its leadership role in the global economic landscape. Speaking of Jammu and Kashmir, the G20 summit in Srinagar has taken on greater significance, as it presents a chance to empower and engage the youth in decision-making processes.

Given J&K’s history, the youth of the region have been deeply affected by the turmoil and violence that has characterised the area for many years. There is a need for a fresh perspective and positive attitude to move forward and create a brighter future.

To unleash their potential, there is a need for a new vision that goes beyond the constraints of the past. The youth need to be encouraged to think creatively, to take risks, and to embrace new opportunities. A positive attitude towards change and growth will encourage the youth to pursue their dreams and to believe in the possibility of a brighter future.

The government has a crucial role to play in handholding the youth and supporting them in their endeavours. With the right policies, programs, and attitudes, the youth of Jammu and Kashmir can unleash their full potential and contribute to the growth story of the nation.

The youth in Jammu and Kashmir holds the key to the region’s future. It is essential to recognise the potential of the youth in Jammu and Kashmir and empower them to become active participants in decision-making processes.

It’s a well-known fact that the G20 is a forum of the world’s leading economies that meets annually to discuss global economic issues and promote international cooperation. The G20 summit in the summer capital, Srinagar, will be a learning experience from the world’s leading economies. At the same time, it could provide an opportunity to showcase the region’s tourism potential and possibilities that can create employment opportunities for the youth.

Social inclusion is another critical issue concerning the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. The youth in Jammu and Kashmir has long been facing significant challenges, including limited economic opportunities and access to higher education, and skill development.

This region has also been embroiled in political turmoil and violence for decades, which has had a profound impact on the minds of younger generation. Engaging the youth in the G20 Presidency is an excellent opportunity to change this narrative and promote a new dawn for Jammu and Kashmir.

Youth engagement and youth dialogue are crucial components of the G20 Presidency, as they recognise that young people are not just beneficiaries of policies but also active torchbearers of change. The youth dialogue component of the G20 Presidency provides a platform for young people to share their views and ideas with policymakers. This dialogue can help identify the challenges that young people face and develop innovative solutions that can address them.

It can also facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and experiences between young people from different countries and regions. In addition to youth engagement, the G20 summit can focus on promoting overall economic growth and development in the region.

Jammu and Kashmir has significant untapped potential in sectors such as tourism, healthcare, floriculture, and handicrafts. Promoting these sectors can create jobs and generate income, contributing to the region’s overall economic prosperity. Improving infrastructure, ensuring ease of doing business and digital connectivity is also essential in unlocking the region’s potential and contributing to its overall development.

The youth of Jammu and Kashmir is incredibly talented and dynamic and with the right support and opportunities, they can achieve great heights.

Given J&K’s immense potential for growth and development, the government here needs to manifest its commitment to youth empowerment and engagement. Lt Governor Manoj Sinha has exhibited conviction in promoting youth engagement and support in areas such as tourism, sports infrastructure, skill development, livelihood generation and public-oriented schemes, which have had a positive impact on the youth of the region.

These youth-centric initiatives have played an instrumental role in driving positive changes in Jammu and Kashmir. To sustain this momentum and foster trust among the youth, it is imperative to continue supporting and guiding them toward progress and growth.

Tailpiece : Engaging the youth in policymaking will lead to better outcomes and a more inclusive and sustainable future. Therefore, the government needs to continue the efforts beyond the G20 summit and focus on initiatives that promote youth engagement, economic growth, and development in Jammu and Kashmir.

By focusing on youth engagement, economic growth, and development in Jammu and Kashmir, the government can take a significant step towards creating a better future for the youth and unlocking the region’s potential.__Greater Kashmir News