KU’s special language translators to translate G20 speeches

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Srinagar: To ensure effective communication at the G20 summit, the delegates from foreign countries attending the event at SKICC in Srinagar from May 22 to 24 will benefit from the expertise of special language translators from the University of Kashmir (KU) and various degree colleges of J&K.

With the summit attracting dignitaries from across the world, the inclusion of skilled translators would bridge the language barrier and facilitate seamless discussions during the high-profile event.

A top official said that KU had provided translator teachers for translation of speeches.

“A group of teachers who understand French, German, Arabic, and Persian have been sent for translation of speeches,” the KU official said.

He said that the varsity had also kept accommodation available for the guests from outside Kashmir who were associated with the G20 summit.

An official said that the special translators selected from KU and other degree colleges were trained to ensure accurate and timely translation of the G20 speeches.

The G20 summit, known for addressing critical global issues and fostering international cooperation, would witness participants from different linguistic backgrounds.

“The language translators from KU and colleges are well-equipped to handle diverse languages, thereby facilitating smooth communication and promoting fruitful dialogue among the attendees,” the official said.

Besides the special translators, the students from degree colleges selected across J&K are also supposed to present cultural programmes and would be engaged in performing other activities as well.

“A group of students from colleges throughout J&K have been selected by the Department of Culture, J&K, who will perform some cultural items during the G20 summit. The students will be engaged in performing other activities as well,” an official from Higher Education Department (HED) said.

The official said that the cultural items would add a touch of vibrancy and diversity to the summit, providing an opportunity for the participants to experience the rich heritage and traditions of Kashmir.

“Some students may be engaged in different activities throughout the event, contributing to its overall success,” the official said.

The Tourism Department has also taken a group of students from Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) for their participation at the event.

“The Tourism Department asked us to send seven to eight names of students for their participation during the G20 summit. We have sent the list and these students may be called for their participation,” a top IUST official said.__GK News