‘Air New Zealand to weigh passengers before boarding flights’


Wellington, May 30: Air New Zealand will begin weighing passengers departing on international flights from the Auckland International Airport starting from July 2, the media reported on Tuesday.

The flag carrier said the programme, which the airline calls a passenger weight survey, is a way to gather data on the weight load and distribution for planes, CNN reported.

“We weigh everything that goes on the aircraft — from the cargo to the meals onboard, to the luggage in the hold,” Alastair James, the airline’s load control improvement specialist said in a statement.

“For customers, crew and cabin bags, we use average weights, which we get from doing this survey.” In order to protect individual’s privacy, the airline said that it will make the data anonymous.

As part of the programme, travellers will be asked to stand on a digital scale when they check-in for their flight, CNN reported.

The information about their weight is then submitted to the survey but will not be viewable on the agent’s screen.

They will also place their luggage on another identical scale for separate weighing.__GK News