Vienna: Rally against the “Normalization” with Syria’s Assad


VIENNA: About 100 Syrian migrants assembled on 23 April in the centre of Vienna to protest against the plans of Arab regimes to “normalize” relations with Assad and to bring him back into the Arab League. These plans have been advocated by Saudi-Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia and other regimes. Türkiye is also prepared to reestablish relations with tyrant of Damascus.

This development demonstrates that the policy of bourgeois regimes is determined by greed for power and money. Robbers can have a quarrel from time to time. But they are always closer to each other than to the interests of the oppressed masses and their desire for freedom and dignity.

Comrade Michael Pröbsting, International Secretary of the RCIT, addressed the rally both in German as well as English language. In his speech, he denounced the Arab regimes for their attempt to normalize relations with Assad. He emphasized that the Syrian Revolution is still not defeated and that it is crucial to stand in international solidarity with the liberation struggle.__