Pakistan: Govt may file reference against three SC judges – Interior Minister


Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah said in an interview with Independent Urdu that the matter of the submission of a reference against the judges in the three-member bench “is under discussion but there has been no decision on it yet”.

He added that a decision to submit a reference could be taken since “these three respected judges have a long record of giving decisions that have gone against the PML-N.”

Recalling the verdict in the Article 63-A presidential reference, Sanaullah said that not only the PML-N but every person familiar with the law, including retired judges and chief justices, had said the decision was wrong and “amounts to rewriting the Constitution”.

“It appears that the three gentlemen are [again] insistent on resolving this [Punjab poll] case themselves.

“A bench was made of nine judges and then seven remained, then five, then four and now three are left,” Sanaullah said, highlighting that the three Judges had rejected the request for a full court bench and “refused to accept the stance of their fellow judges – who are in the majority”.

The interior minister said that the government “does not have any other option remaining apart from this (filing a reference) so we can register our protest”.

Friction in the original five-member bench constituted to hear the PTI petition could already be seen on March 29.__Daily Times