Kashmir: GB govt strives to revolutionize education landscape

Jammu & Kashmir POK - Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

The Gilgit-Baltistan government continues its quest to revolutionize the education landscape of this beautiful territory.

This was announced by the GB govt while launching a ten day summer camp, the Summer Fiesta, a unique initiative to make schools the hubs of learning and fun in the summer months.

“Our aim is to transform the approach to education and make it inclusive, experiential and paving a path for a better tomorrow”, said Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan Muhiudeen Wani in an official statement issued to media here Friday.

He said the Summer Fiesta encapsulates these values and promotes creative learning activities, extra curricular events, sensitization around female and child health and nutrition, field trips and a rich sports gala.

He added the Fiesta will have variety of activities that include; learning and creativity including painting , photography and designing, extra curricular activities, Health and Nutrition, field trips, Sports Gala and basic entrepreneurship skills.

We are also placing strong emphasis on IT bootcamps and robotics, because we recognize how essential it is that our students become equipped with the skills of tomorrow, he told.

The Fiesta, he said will be executed by the government in collaboration with the private sector, NGOs, the development sector, banks, IT institutions, universities such as LUMS, NUST, philanthropists and civil society to ensure ownership and our vision of inclusivity for all.__Daily Times