UK probes troops’ alleged extrajudicial killings in Afghanistan


LONDON: A judge in the UK on Wednesday launched an independent probe into allegations of dozens summary killings by British troops in Afghanistan.

Speaking to reporters in London, Lord Justice Haddon-Cave, the chair of the inquiry, issued a call for anyone with evidence to come forward.

It is “critical” that those who have violated the law be referred to authorities “for the reputation of the armed forces and the country,” he said, referring to “extremely serious” allegations of more than 50 summary killings by the British Special Air Service (SAS) soldiers in Afghanistan.

“Either the allegations are untrue, or if some of them are true then the military and the country can hold its head high and say we have looked into these properly and thoroughly. It’s about, ultimately, reputation,” Haddon-Cave said.

Last December, Britain’s Defense Ministry ordered an independent inquiry after a BBC TV documentary reported that soldiers from SAS had killed dozens of people during raids carried out by one SAS squadron in Helmand in 2010-11.

“I would urge anyone, who has got any information or material, which they think may be relevant to the inquiry, to please get in touch with the inquiry team as soon as possible,” Haddon-Cave said.__Pakistan Today