Ramadan In Kashmir


The month of Ramadan has its own unique charm, and its arrival is widely celebrated in Kashmir. The markets have turned lively in Srinagar with vendors lined up.
Kashmiri traditional bakeries include a wide variety of baked goods during the month of Ramadan, such as “lavasa” (a lighter version of bread), “gheyv czhot” (soft yet solid bread prepared with ghee), “shirmal” (flat milk bread sprinkled with poppy seeds), “katlam” (a flaky and deep-fried bread), “tchvoar” (a crispy bread sprinkled with sesame seeds), “kulcha” (a crispy and round-shaped bread sprinkled with poppy seeds) and “bakirkhani” (ghee-soaked puff pastry). Traditional Kashmiri bakeries continue to tickle the taste buds of the locals during the month of Ramadan