Pakistan: 190 Hindus barred from traveling to India


LAHORE: Immigration authorities at the Wagah border stopped 190 Hindus from travelling to India on Tuesday morning, after they failed to satisfy the officials about the purpose of their visit to the neighbouring country, sources said.

Various Hindu families, including children and women, from interior Sindh, reached the Wagah border in morning for going to India on the visas for religious pilgrimage.

However, the immigration authorities did not clear them because they could not satisfy them as to why they wanted to go to India.

According to the sources, the travelling Hindu families lived in huts. They added that such families take visas for a religious pilgrimage and then stay for a long time there.

“After going to India, these people live in huts and do hard work but defame Pakistan, saying that they are not safe here,” a source said.

Currently, a large number of Pakistani Hindus were living as nomads in the Indian states of Rajasthan and Delhi, the source added on condition of