Kashmir: J-K’s transition from terror-hit region to thriving UT shatters fake narratives

IOK - Indian Occupied Kashmir Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir [India], February 8 (ANI): Jammu and Kashmir’s transition from a terror-hit region into a thriving Union Territory within a short span of three years have shattered several fake narratives and myths propagated by vested interests.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led regime, on August 5, 2019, decided to abrogate Article 370, there were many who termed the decision a “political stunt” and claimed that nothing would change in the Himalayan region.

However, J-K’s journey towards development, peace and prosperity after August 2019 has been consistent and robust.

The government has focused on empowering the common man. The helmsmen have driven home a point that the purpose of the government in a ‘Welfare State’ is to serve the people and make their lives easier.

During the past three years, the government has tried to lay emphasis on infrastructure development, transforming the rural landscape, providing the best healthcare facilities, and making governance responsive, transparent and easily accessible.

Agriculture and its allied sectors have also been revived by introducing new financial and other schemes for the farmers.

The helmsmen have worked hard to ensure social equality so that all citizens get equal economic opportunities, and they are empowered to contribute towards nation-building.

Steps taken by the government have instilled confidence in the common people, and they have reciprocated positively to all the initiatives that have been taken for their betterment.

As of date every citizen of J-K is a part and parcel of UT’s progress journey. It’s for the first time in 70-years that all sections of the society in Jammu and Kashmir have been taken on board.

The elite class that used to call the shots and rule the roost has been brought at par with all. The era of equality for all has replaced discrimination, favouritism and nepotism.

As the government is providing employment opportunities to young boys and girls in the government and corporate sector, the Himlayan region is on the path of becoming AtmaNirbhar.

Under this initiative, self-employment schemes have been launched to make youngsters self-reliant and independent. As a result, they have rejected the radicalization narrative of Pakistan and its stooges.

Since August 5, 2019, financial assistance and requisite training have been provided to six lakh young boys and girls to start their business ventures.

Jammu Kashmir has now been ranked as a top performer in developing a strong startup ecosystem. The industrial sector in J-K is scaling new heights with massive investment proposals.

Jammu City has emerged as the centre of educational institutions. The Tourism sector is touching new heights, and the glorious era of film shooting has returned to the Himalayan region.

Jammu and Srinagar cities have become Smart cities. Srinagar has also been included in the list of cities that are using modern technology for managing solid waste.

J-K’s reorganization has laid a strong foundation, as in three years J-K has got back everything which the region had lost during the three-decades-long Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and turmoil.

While introducing Reorganization Act 2019 in Rajya Sabha three years ago, Union Minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah, had stated that ending a 70-year-long status quo of Jammu and Kashmir would lay a strong foundation for peace and prosperity in the region.

He had also promised that the scrapping of Article 370, a temporary provision in the Constitution, would defeat Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and would end the hegemony of the separatists.

After August 5, 2019, Kashmir has not observed a shutdown for even a single day. Youth don’t take to the streets to pelt stones. Markets remain open till late hours. Terrorists sent by Pakistan have been cornered and their number has declined. There are no grenade attacks and cross-firing incidents.

At the same time, the Centre has addressed the governance deficit by revamping the entire system. The common man has become an equal stakeholder in the development works.

Efforts have been put in to address the issues like unemployment, high inflation, health services, and social and political empowerment. The corrupt have been identified and shown the door. The governance system has been made robust, effective and transparent.

A vibrant governance system has replaced the centralized mechanism. The gap between the ruler and the ruled has been minimized.

The central schemes are directly benefitting the people and the work is going on at the ground level. The development projects in the districts are being taken up in consultation with people to ensure their needs are fulfilled on priority.

Another remarkable feat J-K has achieved is women empowerment. Females have taken a lead on many platforms that used to be dominated by men. Glorious successes of our Kashmiri women in fields of sports, politics, administration, journalism and business entrepreneurship are explicit examples of the change that J-K has witnessed.

25 new national highway projects have been sanctioned for J-K and to be built at an estimated cost of Rs 11,721 crore. 168 Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) amounting to Rs 13,600 crores have been signed.

Seven new medical colleges are coming up in J&K of which some have already started functioning.

The world’s highest railway bridge has been constructed over Chenab River and Kashmir is all set to get connected to Kanyakumari by train by next year.

The long list of achievements says it all. The Central and the UT governments have worked in close coordination to transform Jammu and Kashmir.

Those, who were of the opinion that nothing will change in J-K have eaten a humble pie. Their false propaganda stands punctured. Their claim that the abrogation of Article 370 would push Kashmir into Pakistan’s lap has been negated.

The people of Jammu and Kashmir by rejecting the idea of separatism have given a befitting reply to the separatists, Jammu and Kashmir-based politicians and other advocates of Pakistan.

The policies framed by the government have led to the establishment of peace in J-K.

Those, who used to claim that J-K cannot prosper and peace won’t prevail till talks are held with Pakistan and the terrorist leaders, have been proven wrong by the people and the government.

At last, it can be said that J-K’s journey towards normalcy after 2019 has been remarkable. (ANI)