Kashmir: Flour crisis worsens in AJK

Jammu & Kashmir POK - Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

AJK is facing its worst ever flour crisis with parts of the state reporting shortage of wheat and stampedes reported from several areas. Tens of thousands spend hours daily to get the subsidized bags of flour that are already short in the market .Chaotic scenes are often witnessed as people gather around vehicles pushing each other . A number of clashes have been reported.

Flour in Bagh Azad Kashmir is being sold from Rs 90 per kilogram to Rs 110 per kilogram. The demand of wheat flour in District Bagh is 3300 Ton whereas Food ministry provide 2400 Ton wheat to the district .Inhabitants of Bagh has demanded to the Government of Kashmir to fullfil demanded criteria of wheat as soon as possible. Residents in Kashmir have complained of wheat flour shortage calling on the government to end the crisis and provide subsidized flour.

A resident in Muzafarabad has revealed that the people, including the poor and rich, have concerns regarding wheat flour. The resident added that a person can purchase flour only once a week. The situation has angered entire people in Kashmir as the tandoors have also increased the price of bread. A part from bread, all the bakery items are being sold at a high price. Thousands of people have to spend hours every day to get the subsidized bags that are already short in supply. Prices of all the food items and other commodities have increased over the past couple of years and the governments have taken no measures to control the situation. If the situation remains same further the uncertinity among the Kashmiries is expecting to get high.

Maqbool but death anniversary observed: Commodious programs were held to observe the 39th martyrdom day of veteran leader of Kashmir Freedom Movement Muhammad Maqbool Butt shaheed at both sides of the line of control including Azad Jammu Kashmir and Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

The anniversary has been observed in entire Kashmir with enthusiasm by holding ralleys , raising slogans and holding processions. In Sudhnoti at Mong which has been the culmination point of Freedom Movemnet since 1832 the natives of Mong have observed the Martyrdom day of Maqbool But with great zeal and respect. Various speakers and attendees observed this day with the renewal of the pledge to continue the mission of the departed Kashmiri leader till the achievement of legitimate right of self determination by the Jammu & Kashmir people through the liberation of the motherland from long Indian illegal and forced occupation.

“Anti-India and pro-freedom rallies and demonstrations in Mong is the hallmark of the day to pay rich tributes to shaheed Maqbool Butt who was put to gallows by India this day in New Delhi’s Tihar Jail this day in 1984 for his “offence” of demanding the right of self determination for the people of Jammu Kashmir state under the spirit of the international norms.__Daily Times