Finland Sending Leopard 2 Tanks to Ukraine


Finland announced Thursday a $169 million aid package for Ukraine that includes three Leopard 2 tanks.

Finland’s defense ministry said in a statement that the tanks are equipped for de-mining, and that the aid package includes training for their use and maintenance.

The announcement comes a day after Spain said it would send six of its own Leopard 2A4 tanks.

The German-made tanks are part of a wave of tanks being sent to Ukraine after Ukrainian officials requested them in order to better match up with Russian forces.

Germany initially resisted authorizing the transfers amid concerns about escalating the conflict but has told allies that have the tanks they are free to send them to Ukraine.

On the battlefield, Britain’s defense ministry said Thursday there is a realistic possibility that Russian forces are preparing to launch a new offensive in the area of Vuhledar, in Donetsk province, “despite costly failed attacks in early February and late 2022.”

The British defense ministry said the commander of the Russia forces group likely responsible for the operation is “likely under intense pressure to improve results following harsh criticism from the Russian nationalist community after previous setbacks.”__VOA News