One policeman martyred in suicide blast in Islamabad’s I-10: police


A policeman was martyred and at least six people — including four police officers and two civilians — were injured in a suicide blast in Islamabad’s 1-10/4 sector on Friday, police officials said.

In a tweet, the Islamabad police said officers were conducting snap-checking when they signalled a suspicious vehicle to stop.

“A suicide bomber aboard the vehicle detonated himself soon after the car stopped near the officers,” it said.

The police statement, however, did not mention the number of people aboard the vehicle.

In another tweet, the police said that diversions had been placed for both sides of traffic at Service Road East of Sector I-10/4. It advised citizens to use Service Road West of Sector I-10/4 as an alternate.

Television footage showed the fiery wreckage of a vehicle with a large number of police personnel at the scene.

A day ago, Islamabad police issued a statement, saying its Eagle Squad had checked 2,024 suspicious persons, motorcycles, and vehicles as part of a security measure, especially in the aftermath of new wave of terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

“It will be ensured that no incident of law and order or terrorism takes place in the city. Citizens are requested to cooperate with the police and inform about suspected people,” a police spokesperson had said.

Moreover, police in a statement said they were ready to deal with any issue and the FC has been deployed in the city to support the