EU requests 2 WTO panels on China disputes


ISTANBUL: The EU has requested the establishment of panels at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for two of its ongoing trade disputes with China, the European Commission said on Wednesday.

“One concerns the legality of the trade restrictions that China has had in place against Lithuanian exports and EU exports containing Lithuanian content since December 2021,” the commission said in a statement.

“The other concerns the legality of China restricting EU holders of high-tech patents from accessing EU courts to effectively protect and enforce their rights,” it added. According to the commission, Chinese measures are “highly damaging” to European businesses.

“China’s discriminatory measures against Lithuania affect intra-EU trade and intra-EU supply chains and they impact the functioning of the EU internal market, including by forced market adjustments,” it said.

“By requesting a WTO panel, the EU is protecting its Member States against China’s discriminatory measures, which the EU considers to be in breach of WTO rules,” the commission said.__Pakistan Today