Taliban Claims Pakistan Receives Hefty Money for Permitting US Airstrikes on Afghanistan


Taliban government authorities assert that US drones invaded Afghanistan through the airspace of Pakistan. They claim that Pakistan receives millions of dollars in return.

In a meeting commemorating World Tourism Day, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai, Political Deputy of the Taliban government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, claimed that Pakistan had allowed the US to use its airspace so that American drones could enter Afghanistan.

The top Taliban official also said that Pakistan receives a substantial amount of money in exchange for enabling US drones to utilize its airspace to airstrike Afghanistan.

He maintained that they have evidence, and videos, at their disposal to back their claims of how Pakistan has given the US access to its airspace.

Although Stanekzai acknowledged Pakistan’s economic crisis, he stressed that it should not exploit Afghanistan’s situation to alleviate its precarious economic situation.

Previously, the Taliban Minister of Defense, Mullah Yaqoub Mujahid accused Pakistan of allowing its airspace and territory to be used by the US’s drones.

However, Pakistan refuted the Taliban minister’s claims calling them “conjectural allegations”, and a violation of the norms of “responsible” diplomatic conduct.

The Taliban Defense Minister’s remarks came at a time when US drones targeted and killed al-Qaeda chief, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, at his residence in Kabul, the Afghan capital.__Khaama.com