Putin afraid of mutiny from generals – former Russian air force officer


A former member of the Russian air force has told BBC News Vladimir Putin is afraid of mutiny from his generals.

Gleb Irisov, who fled the country, is also a former military correspondent for a Russian news agency and says he knows the new commander in charge of the war against Ukraine, Sergei Surovikin.

Speaking to Newshour, Irisov said Surovikin was appointed because of his “deep loyalty” to the Russian regime and president personally.

He added the Russian leader “is now afraid of some kind of mutiny from the generals”.

Irisov said he began to oppose the government during his time in the military, observing the “neglect” his command showed towards people.

He described the war as a “catastrophe” for Ukraine and Russia that was dangerous for the world.

Irisov is pessimistic about the chance of change in his home country anytime soon, despite the “huge casualties and severe economic effects” of the war.__BBC