Pakistan: (Ex-PM) Imran again targets institutions for party leaders’ ‘torture’


MARDAN, RAWALPINDI – PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that who­ever gives an NRO to “thieves” is a “traitor” as he lashed out at institu­tions for allegedly tortur­ing his party’s leaders.

“All thieves are be­ing released; Shehbaz Sharif and his son have been acquitted. You are a traitor who is betray­ing their country,” Khan said while addressing a public rally in Mardan yesterday.

The PTI chairman also chided the institutions, blaming them for torturing his chief of staff Shahbaz Gill and party leader Azam Swati.

“If you think that you will be respected by torturing people, then you are mistaken,” Khan said while berating the institu­tions. “Had Imran Khan been a corrupt person like Nawaz Sharif, he would have left the country the first chance he got,” Khan said, adding that the PML-N leaders have four “huge palaces in London”.

Khan alleged that Nawaz and company are in politics to mis­use their powers and that after coming into power, the PML-N supremo set up 17 factories.

“On the contrary, look at my record. I haven’t misused my power even once during my ten­ure of 3.5 years,” he said.

Earlier, addressing the stu­dents at Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University (PMAS-AAUR), Rawalpind, the PTi chief said that he will give a call for a long march very soon and the students should be ready to participate in his march.

“All the countrymen should come on roads for a real free­dom as idol of fear and slav­ery can only be smashed in this way,” he said while addressing the students at Pir Mehar Ali Shah Arid Agriculture Universi­ty (PMAS-AAUR) here.

Former federal minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Punjab Agriculture Minister Jahaniah Shah Gardezi and other party leaders and MPs were also pres­ent on the occasion.

Imran Khan urged the stu­dents to be ready for a march for which he would give call very soon.

He said that he is not doing politics but a Jihad against a gang of robbers imposed on the Pakistani nation.

“Astonishingly, 60 percent of cabinet is comprised leaders on bails from courts of law,” he claimed adding that he is here to prepare the students to stand with him in his long march.

“History is witness that stu­dents played leading and front role in any revolution in the world.” said the former PM.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that going to jail is not a big deal for him to achieve real freedom in the country, adding that he is even ready to sacri­fice his life.

He claimed that a gang of robbers is ruling the country. He said that Shehbaz Sharif is begging in foreign countries and earning bad name for Paki­stan. He said that the students should take to the streets in or­der to stand up against injus­tice, saying that chains have to be broken.

He said, “Freedom is not giv­en, it is taken by force.”

He said that the PDM leaders are involved in stealing money from Pakistan and buying palac­es abroad.__The Nation