Pakistan bags three awards for nuclear advancement contribution


VIENNA: Pakistan has received three Region­al Cooperation Agreement (RCA) awards in Vienna, Austria, both for the institutional category and the individual category.

Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recognised achievements of Pakistan Atomic En­ergy Commission (PAEC) on its 50th Anniversary. A ministerial level meet­ing was organised by the Interna­tional Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Regional Cooperative Agreement (RCA). During this event, various awards were conferred to recognise contributions to the RCA program. Pakistan had the distinction to re­ceive three awards in individual and institute categories respectively at the event held in Vienna, Austria.

In the institute category, Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Tech­nology (PINSTECH) was recognized for its contributions in various areas of applications of nuclear science and technology including Isotope Hydrol­ogy, Water Resources Management, Industry and Air & Marine Pollution.

In the individual category, two Pak­istani scientists were conferred RCA Project Awards. Dr Azam Tasneem, Chief Scientist (Retd.), PINSTECH, was recognized for his work as lead country coordinator in the areas of Isotope Hydrology and Water Re­source Management. Also, Dr Irfan Ullah, Dy Chief Scientist, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology (IN­MOL) was awarded for his contribu­tion in the areas of cancer diagnosis and treatment (theranostics).

The RCA is a formal inter-govern­mental agreement which serves as a framework for the Asia Pacific Region to intensify collaboration through programmes and projects focused on the specific shared needs of its 22 member countries in the field of nuclear science and technology.__The Nation