Four Turkish soldiers killed in Iraq’s north: Ministry


Four specialized sergeants have been killed in the region of the Claw Lock Operation in northern Iraq, the Turkish Defense Ministry has announced.

“Four heroes were martyred, and two others were wounded” in clashes with the PKK terrorists on Sept. 11, a statement by the ministry said.

Operation Claw-Lock is an ongoing military operation that started on April 17 and is taking place in the Duhok governorate in northern Iraq.

The funeral ceremonies of the soldiers will take place on Sept. 13 in Istanbul, the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir and the Mediterranean province of Osmaniye.

The ministry published a second statement late on Sept. 12 declaring that two PKK terrorists were neutralized in northern Iraq.

“We will continue the fight to punish terrorists without stopping,” the statement said.

Following the start of the operation on April 17, the ground incursion began on April 18, with the support of artillery, drones and aircraft. Airstrikes hit caves, tunnels and ammunition depots controlled by PKK terrorists in Duhok.

On April 22, the Turkish Air Force extended the operation, flying sorties to the Sulaymaniyah province.

The ministry announced in late July that “nearly 300 terrorists have been neutralized so far in the Claw-Lock operation zone.”__Daily Hurriyet