Pakistan: 30 students await rescue in Kumrat Valley


UPPER DIR: Around 30 students await rescue while being trapped in Kumrat Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Upper Dir District due to continuous rains and flooding, as per reports received by Geo News on Friday.

The students, which include both females and males, have requested the government for safe evacuation.

Speaking to Geo News, one of the female students said that they belong to different areas of Punjab and have trouble speaking because of the cold weather.

“We are sleeping on a wet floor and there is nothing here to eat or drink,” she said, informing to have contacted concerned authorities.

However, the students have not been approached by anyone so far.

Additional Chief Secretary Shahab Ali Shah said that food and tents have been provided to the students who are stranded.

He added that the students will be evacuated safely as soon as the weather gets better.__The News