‘Force-feeding’: Videos of (pakistani politician) Gill eating ‘under protest’ go viral


‘Leaked’ videos of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shahbaz Gill have surfaced on social media in which he can be seen eating “under protest”.
“I am eating under protest since you’re forcing me to eat… it is my choice whether I should eat or not,” Gill can be seen arguing with the doctors in a video that appeared online on Monday.

PTI leader said that he is diabetic and cannot drink juice as the medical staff continues to ask Gill to eat more. “I am a diabetic, I cannot drink juice… I have already eaten porridge, drank juice and cannot eat more. I can’t drink lassi (yogurt drink) as well since it upsets my stomach.”

Gill said that the doctors were forcing him to eat as they got orders from someone else. “I have already eaten breakfast please don’t force me to eat… if you were me you would’ve also eaten this much and not more,” he can be heard arguing.

In another video, Gill said that his beard was also shaved forcefully. “This is not right… you cannot force me to eat… you are harassing me,” he can be seen saying in the video.

Meanwhile, Shahbaz Gill was discharged from the Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad. According to doctors, all clinical reports of PTI leader were satisfactory and he has no problem in breathing.

The medical board discharged Gill after declaring the reports of the PTI leader satisfactory. Doctors said that Gill had taken breakfast and also drank juice. They further said that the PTI leader was nebulised regularly to eradicate his breathing problem.

Gill was arrested from Bani Gala Chowk in Islamabad a few days ago after a video clip of his controversial remarks aired on a television channel went viral on social media.

He was subsequently booked on charges of inciting mutiny in the military. However, roughly 10 days after his arrest, the PTI chairman and the party leadership adopted an offensive mode with all guns blazing and decided to take to the streets.

After seeing photos and videos showing Gill gasping for air while being taken to the court and hospital, the PTI chairman went to see Gill at the PIMS on Friday evening but was denied permission.

Earlier in the day, an Islamabad court granted police custody of Gill until August 24, after hearing the lawyers’ arguments in a plea against the 48-hour physical remand of the PTI leader.__Tribune.com