War on drugs; Over 1249 kilos of narcotics seized in 7 months; 359 peddlers held in J&K

War on drugs; Over 1249 kilos of narcotics seized in 7 months; 359 peddlers held in J&K

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Srinagar: War on drugs has been intensified in Jammu and Kashmir with police seizing 1249 kilograms of narcotics including 16.23 kg of heroin in the last seven months. More than 359 people involved in the drug trade have been arrested.

Official data accessed by The Kashmir Monitor reveal that 129 kilograms of cannabis, 1095 kilograms of poppy straw, 2271 bottles of codeine, 56139 psychotropic tablets, 2.5-kilogram brown sugar, and 122 bottles of illegal alcohol have been recovered by the police in the valley since January this year.

In January, police recovered 2.017 kilograms of heroin from the peddlers. In the same month, 10.7 kilograms of cannabis, 356 kilograms of poppy straw, 36 grams of brown sugar, 10638 tablets, 48 bottles of codeine, and 45 bottles of illegal alcohol. Forty-one peddlers were arrested during the month

In February, 5.8 kilograms 4.9kilograms, 74 grams, and 192.5 kilograms of heroin, cannabis, brown sugar, and powdered poppy respectively were recovered by the police. Eighty-one peddlers have been arrested. In the same month, 3185 tablets, 193 bottles of codeine, and 42 alcohol bottles were also seized by the police.

Police recovered 82.5 grams of heroin followed by poppy straw (64.5 kilograms), brown sugar (51.5 grams), codeine(1413 bottles), tablets (38432), and 5 bottles of alcohol in March. Seventy-one peddlers were arrested.

In April, 7.3 kilograms of heroin were recovered by the police from the peddlers. April also saw a recovery of 101.5 kilograms of poppy straw, 2.23 kilograms of brown sugar, 360 bottles of codeine, and 1334 tablets. Sixty-two people involved in the trade and consumption of these drugs were also held.

At least 903.96 grams of heroin were recovered by the police in May. Eight grams of brown sugar, 25 kilograms of poppy straw, 470 tablets,45 bottles of codeine, and 29 bottles of alcohol were also seized. Around 27 people involved in peddling were also arrested.

In June, police recovered 35 grams of heroin, 5 kilograms of cannabis, 95 grams of brown sugar, 169.3kilograms poppy straw, 721 tablets, 162 bottles of codeine, and 7 alcohol bottles alcohol. Forty-six people were also arrested by the police.

In July so far, 39 grams of heroin have been recovered by the police. Besides, 5 kg of cannabis, 187 kilograms of poppy straw, 10 grams of brown sugar, and 50 bottles of codeine have also been recovered. Thirty-one peddlers and abusers have been arrested.

A senior police officer told The Kashmir Monitor that the police have tightened their noose against the drug peddlers across the valley.

“We conduct surprise checks and raids. We have busted many drug modules,” he said.

The officer also said that various awareness programs are being held to educate people about the hazards of drug addiction.__Kashmir Monitor


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