Pakistan: (Ousted PM) Imran threatens to blow lid off ‘regime change conspiracy’ characters

Pakistan: (Ousted PM) Imran threatens to blow lid off ‘regime change conspiracy’ characters

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ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday declared that he was tight-lipped about “regime change conspiracy,” and all its characters as he knows his revelations could harm the national interests.

“I don’t want my country to suffer any damage that’s why I am silent about this [conspiracy] and all those elements involved in it,” he said while addressing the media in Islamabad on Tuesday.

Referring to registration of cases against PTI leaders and journalists, Imran said if his party continued to be pushed against the wall through intimidation and harassment he will be compelled to expose all “conspirators” involved in toppling his government.

“I am respectfully asking my judiciary that our fundamental rights have been suspended in this country.. journalists are being threatened and FIRs have been registered against our senior leaders to silence them,” he remarked.

The PTI chairman reiterated that he has recorded a video and kept it in a secured place, which would be released if anything happened to him “to expose all those who had committed treason against the country”.

Imran, who was ousted from power in April through opposition’s vote of no-confidence in parliament, has accused the US of hatching a conspiracy by colluding with local abettors to topple his government.

Imran said the “fascists tactics” were being used to impose thieves on the country and all state institutions had been “destroyed” as well to support the incumbent rulers.

“This is not a democracy as we are moving towards fascism… first you hatched a conspiracy and then you imposed thieves on the country and now destroying all institutions,” he remarked without naming anyone.

Imran also alleged that the entire administration along with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was plotting to manipulate the upcoming Punjab by-elections in favour of PML-N.

“This is a decisive moment… if you surrender before the idol of fear then they [coalition government] will cause further destruction in the country,” he said while urging people to vote for PTI candidates in the by-elections as the fate of CM Hamza-led Punjab government hinges on it.

“Despite their rigging attempts we have to defeat them and win this elections.”

Separately in a tweet, the PTI chairman said the nation continued to suffer crushing economic at the cost of “imported government brought in through US regime change conspiracy” at a time when his government had stabilised the economy.

“Exports, which stagnated in previous PML-N Govt at $25 billion, crossed $30 billion for the first time this year to $31.76 billion,” he added.

“This was despite the sharp slow down after regime change conspiracy operationalised. In July ’21-March ’22, under PTI Govt exports grew 27%. In June under cabal of crooks export growth slowed to 5.8%,” the former premier wrote in a follow-up tweet.


Meanwhile, PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday emphasised the need for curbing money laundering during a meeting with British High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner.

A PTI statement said that party leaders Fawad Chaudhry and Amir Mahmood Kayani were part of the meeting that took place in the federal capital, where bilateral matters and issues of mutual interest came under discussion.

During the meeting, the former prime minister highlighted that developed nations must take special measures to ensure that money is not laundered from poor to rich states.

“The illicit transfer of money is a big issue for the developing world […]. This illegal transfer of wealth promotes global economic inequality,” Khan said.

Khan noted that the UN Secretary-General’s fact-finding panel has highlighted the nuances of the issue in its report as well.

The PTI chairman added that the illicit transfer of money forces people residing in poor states to migrate to developed nations, which in turn, becomes an issue for the rich countries — creating further challenges for them.

Justice demands that governments take steps to effectively curb money laundering globally and the British government can play a crucial role to achieve this goal, the PTI chairman said.__Pakistan Today


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