Top School in Vienna named among top 100 private schools in the world    AMADEUS International School, Vienna, named in Spear’s Schools Index 2021

Top School in Vienna named among top 100 private schools in the world AMADEUS International School, Vienna, named in Spear’s Schools Index 2021

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The Spear’s Schools Index is the only global ranking of top private schools

15th September 2021; Oxford, UK: One of Vienna’s top schools has been named among the 100 best private schools in the world, as part of the Spear’s Schools Index, launched in partnership with global education group, Carfax Education. AMADEUS International School, Vienna has been included in the international index of the 100 best private schools, expertly chosen by Carfax Education and Spear’s, the award-winning magazine for high-net-worth individuals.

Categorised by region, the school was named in the Top 10 Schools in the rest of the Europe category, which included institutions in France, Italy and Spain.

Prospective parents and pupils can now access a list of the top 100 schools for 20201, across the UK, Switzerland, Europe, USA, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and the rest of the world, chosen by expert education consultants at Carfax Education and Spear’s.

As well as formal criteria such as academic results and preparation for university entry, schools are ranked on their unique ethos, their reputation both locally and internationally, and how adequately they prepare students for life beyond academia. The guide provides a comprehensive overview of curriculum and fees as well as practical information such as travel times to local airports.

Top schools listed for 2021 providing exceptional education for students include well-renowned British schools such as Rugby School and Wellington College, as well as those further afield, such as St George’s College in Argentina and The Scots College in Australia. New entries for this year include Brighton College, AMADEUS International School, Vienna and YK Pao School, China. Collated by Carfax Education experts on the ground across the world, the index is the most comprehensive global list available.

Fiona McKenzie, Head of Education, Carfax Education, said: “The Spear’s Schools Index lists schools that are either worth moving countries for, sending children far away for, or aiming to get into if living nearby.

“Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family will make for their child and that’s why we wanted to share our knowledge in an index that provides a trusted perspective on the very best schools around the world. The impact of a child’s educational experience goes far beyond academia alone, and for that reason we looked at each school’s unique ethos and how they prepare students for the future, when determining schools that made the cut.

“Carfax Education works with parents across the world to place their children in the very best schools and universities. With an unrivalled network of education specialists across the world, we are expertly placed to provide the knowledge and insight to select the top 100 private schools in the world.

“We know that finding the right school can be a daunting experience and our work is rooted in guiding parents through the complexities of the education landscape and demystifying the

process, and this comprehensive list is a great start to assisting families through what can be a confusing time.”

Dr. Jeremy House, Head of School, AMADEUS International School Vienna, said: “We are honoured to be included in such prestigious company, and proud to be recognised for our approach to accompanying young people as they fulfil their highest potential.

“As the only boarding school in the beautiful city of Vienna, with the strength of a music and arts academy embedded into the fabric of the organisation, our students absorb this vision of distinction, and flourish in the spacious green environment at AMADEUS Vienna.

“High-quality education is an obsession for us and we deeply value the approach of Carfax Education and Spears Magazine in helping people get to the heart of what that means.”

Lists in this year’s Spear’s Schools Index include:

  • Top 20 UK Senior Schools
  • Top 10 UK Prep Schools
  • Top 10 Switzerland
  • Top 10 Rest of Europe
  • Top 15 China & South East Asia
  • Top 10 USA · Top 10 Middle East
  • Top 15 Rest of the World

For more information and to view the Index visit

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