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Kashmir: Mujahid-i-Sani is not Mujahid-i-Awwal – Voice Of Vienna
Kashmir: Mujahid-i-Sani is not Mujahid-i-Awwal

Kashmir: Mujahid-i-Sani is not Mujahid-i-Awwal

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Perhaps the new prime minister of AJK will be the man under whom the Kashmir issue will be solved, for he seems of an unusual prescience.

You see, he chose the name Niazi, because when he was a member of Poonch Disrict Council back in the day, his name was the same as Sardar Abdul Qayyum, the leader of the party he was then in. Now why he chose Niazi to distinguish himself I don’t know, but he did.

Did he know that he would one day join a party led by a Niazi? Whatever the reason, he made the choice, and it was under that name that he served in Sardar Qayyum’s son Atique’s Cabinet. Sardar Qayyum was Dhund Abbasi, to be distinguished from the Kalhoro Abbassis of Sindh and Bahawalpur. Dhund Abbasis are an extensive biradari, spreading over part of KP into Potohar sand reaching Bagh district in AJK. Mehtab Abbasi was both Governor and CM in KP, while Shahid Khaqan was PM of Pakistan. Sardar Qayyum was both President and PM of AJK.

This Sardar Qayyum is neither Dhund nor Niazi, but a Dulli Mughal. Speaking at an election rally, Imran, who doesn’t normally stress his tribe, was moved to wonder what a Niazi was doing so far afield. The main place we come from, which might even be referred to as the Niazi homeland, is Mianwali district. Apart from that, they were in East Punjab’s Hoshiarpur district, but after that, I’ve come to hear of Niazi’s from Faisalabad, Sahiwal, and Khanewal, and I’m sure they’re settled in other colony districts. You see, Mianwali is an arid and thus relatively infertile land, while that was the whole point of colony districts: they were made fertile by water.

Because there were large tracts of fertile land in colony districts, East Punjabi refugees also got allotted those lands. And that included all those East Punjabi Niazis.

Anyhow, the late Sardar Abdul Qyyum is known as Mujahid-i-Awwal, because he was the one, back in 1947, who raised the standard of revolt against the Dogras. If this one plays a role in freeing Kashmir, will he be known as Mujahid-i-Sani?__Pakistan Today


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