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Respect freedom of expression in Kashmir: US tells India – Voice Of Vienna
Respect freedom of expression in Kashmir: US tells India

Respect freedom of expression in Kashmir: US tells India

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DUBAI: The US has urged India to lift its internet blockade in occupied Kashmir and respect freedom of expression in the occupied territory.

These remarks were made by Zed Tarar, the US State Department’s Urdu Spokesperson during an exclusive interview to Geo news.

“Pakistan and India should work out for the reduction of tensions along the Line of Control (LoC) and start positive dialogue on the Kashmir issue,” he said.

Describing both India and Pakistan as partners of the US, Tarar said that the two countries must agree to formulate a strategy to ease tensions against one another through dialogue.

Speaking on the human rights and digital blockades in Kashmir, Zed Tarar demanded that Indian government should lift the internet blockade in the region and “freedom of expression” must be respected and protected in the valley.

Speaking about the Doga agreement on the Afghan peace process, the state department spokesperson said that Washington was not reviewing the agreement with the intention of making changes to it. He said that the new US administration was scrutinizing whether or not the Taliban are complying with the terms and conditions of the Afghan peace process.

“The Afghan war is almost 20 years old and the US does not want war”, Zed Tarar stated, adding that the US wanted peace in the region.

Tarar expressed the hope that those behind the murder of slain US journalist Daniel Pearl will be held accountable by the government, adding that justice should also be seen to be happeninig.

Talking about the Middle East and the Iran nuclear deal, Zed Tarar said that the new US administration certainly intended to rejoin the “nuclear deal with Iran” but would consult with its partners in the Middle East.

“Obviously, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and European Union (EU) would be consulted“ about the Iran nuclear deal, Zed Tarar stated before returning to the deal.

He said that Biden’s administration was exploring ways to restore the 2015 nuclear deal that Iran signed with major world powers including US. But, the deal was abandoned in 2018 by former President Donald Trump, who restored sanctions over Iran.

“Currently, how Iran is complying with 2015 nuclear agreement”, Zed Tarar disclosed, adding that the nuclear deal and its associated conditions are being scrutinized before the resumption of the agreement. __The News


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