From today, stricter corona regulations apply again

From today, stricter corona regulations apply again

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In view of the increasing number of corona infections, the government is going to tightened measures to contain the pandemic from today. The corresponding ordinance was announced on Saturday evening after a warning notice from the federal government which can be seen on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs (

These measures apply nationwide regardless of the color of the Corona traffic light, which is active in different regions – even if the traffic light is green, as is currently the case in most of Austria. Paradoxically, some of the measures – such as those to restrict people at events – are still aplicable.

An overview of the measures that will apply from today, Monday:

Mask requirement

From now on, mouth and nose protection must be worn in all publicly accessible indoor areas and when contacting customers. Until now, the mask requirement related to public transport, taxis, supermarkets, pharmacies, medical practices, banks and the post office, and in future it will apply to all retail. Museums, exhibitions and libraries may only be visited with a covered mouth and nose.

It was explicitly made clear that the mask requirement also applies in administrative authorities and administrative courts in the case of hearings. Anyone who takes part in demonstrations must also do this with a face covering – unless a one-meter distance to the next is guaranteed.


As an alternative to mouth and nose protection for services, plexiglass panes are mentioned as examples.


Events without assigned and marked seats – including weddings, for example – with more than 50 guests in closed rooms may not take place. The same applies to events with more than 100 people outdoors. The organizer’s staff is not included here. When sitting in the assigned and marked area, the face mask are not mandatory.

Anyone who only has explicitly assigned and marked seats at an event can hold events with up to 1,500 people in closed rooms. In the outdoor area, events are limited to 3,000 guests under these conditions. However, events with more than 500 people indoors and 750 people outdoors require a permit from the concerned district administrative authority.

The competent authority has four weeks to approve the event after receipt of complete documents. As stated in the ordinance, the “epidemiological situation in the concerned area of the event” as well as the capacities of the responsible health authority in the event of a “necessary follow-up of contact persons due to a suspected case or illness at the event” are decisive for the approval process.

And: For events with more than 200 people, the organizer must appoint a Covid 19 officer and develop and implement a Covid 19 prevention concept, according to the regulation.

Indoor sports

From today, a mask is also require when attending indoor sports events. Anyone who goes to the swimming pool also needs mouth and nose protection when entering. This does not apply to damp rooms such as swimming pools and showers.


From now on it is only allowed to eat and drink while sitting in restaurants. Standing too close together at bars etc is prohibited. On the way to the table, customers must keep a distance of at least one meter from anyone who does not belong to their own visitor group.

The regulation requires that masks only have to be wear by the staff at these administrative points. The mask requirement also applies in accommodation establishments such as hotels in all rooms that are generally accessible.


The rules for schools are set out in a separate ordinance that was issued by the ministry at the end of last week: From today, students and teachers throughout Austria must wear a mask outside of the classroom in the school building – even if the corona traffic light is on respective region is green. In the classroom itself – in the class, for example in the physics room or gym – there is still no mask

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