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Kashmir: GBLA polls sought before Nov 20 – Voice Of Vienna
Kashmir: GBLA polls sought before Nov 20

Kashmir: GBLA polls sought before Nov 20

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GILGIT: The participants of a multi-party conference have demanded holding elections for Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly before November 20 this year.

The demand was made through a joint resolution that said conducting general elections in the region was not possible after month of November as many areas remained cut off from others due to snowfall.

The conference was held at GB Election Commission office on Wednesday to discuss conducting free and fair elections in the region.

The conference was called by GB chief election commissioner Raja Shahbaz Khan. The representatives of political, religious and regional parties attended it.

The joint resolution said representatives of all parties agreed that conducting elections in the region after November was not possible as heavy snowfall disconnected several remote areas from others and voters could be deprived of their right to vote.

Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly completed its five year tenure on June 24 this year.

The GB election commission had announced schedule for polls, however, later it was suspended. On August 13, the GB chief court directed the election commission to conduct general elections within three months.

The resolution said that the court had given limited time for conducting elections. It said that under Election Act 2017, 30 days were required to publish voter list, display it, receive objections and make corrections.

The resolution said that GB election commission should issue new rules to display voters list, receive objections and make corrections within the stipulated time.

PPP leader Amjad Hussain, PTI leader Karimullah, PML-N leader Aurangzeb Khan, GB National Movement chairman Dr Abbas, All Pakistan Muslim League president Karim Khan, JUI-F leader Attaullah Shahab and representatives of MWM, PML-Q and other parties attended the


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