Austria: Eight police officers suspended due to torture on Chechens

Austria: Eight police officers suspended due to torture on Chechens

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Eight accused viennese police officers have now been suspended. According to KURIER news information two of them are said to have beaten a Chechen in the rear room of a betting shop in Vienna’s favoriten, and the other six have not intervened.

A video recorded this week shows that a 28-year-old man is being beaten. The video was examined and rated today, the police said in a statement. No official further details about the location of the incident were disclosed, the incident is said to have occurred in January 2019.

According to well-informed police circles, the Chechen is said to have made such allegations, but was initially not believed. The officials concerned even reported him for defamation, and when he was questioned, he surprisngly presented the video evidence. This shows how two officers hit the defenseless man and wrestle him to the ground – and the other officers watched.

The judiciary and police reacted swiftly with the suspensions. The Federal Anti-Corruption Agency (BAK) has initiated an investigation into the case, and there is also a disciplinary procedure. The officers are all from the city police command favoriten. A visit of the interior minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is planned tomorrow morning, who wants to have and updated knowledge and first hand information about the district favoriten.

Internal letter

Several such allegations have been made against police officers in Vienna this year. Most recently, Deputy State Police Director Michael Lepuschitz wrote an internal letter stating that such misconduct will not be covered. Leading police officers have also stressed in close door discussions in recent weeks that there is no tolerance for ill-treatment.__Kurier

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