Viennese Chechen murder; in the haze of politics

Viennese Chechen murder; in the haze of politics

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Martin B. didn’t stand a chance. The 43-year-old was struck down with five shots in Gerasdorf near Vienna on Saturday evening. When the emergency doctor arrived, B. was dead. His alleged murderer was caught in Linz two hours later. The 47-year-old Sar Ali A. was arrested without resistance. The victim and the alleged perpetrator are Chechens who fled to Austria from their homeland before the war.

Martin B. was an underdog in the community for a long time. But suddenly he started to publish YouTube videos under the name “Anzor from Vienna”, in which he badly abused the Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov. “It was provocative. He even published his phone number in a video. He said he was not afraid, ”claims a Chechen.

Compatriots also report that the death of Martin B.’s brother in Chechnya was said to have triggered the videos.

However it is not the first attempt on regime critics. Last February, a Chechen blogger in Sweden was hit with a hammer by a man. The blogger survived. In 2009 regime critic Umar Israilow was shot in Vienna. In the current case, the investigation for the reasons is underway. The alleged shooter and the alleged bodyguard of the victim, Salman M., who is now also in custody, are buttoned up.

Police circles say that neither a targeted assassination nor a dispute between compatriots can be ruled out. There are clues and mafia structures that lead the investigation to the area of ​​organized crime.

Pizzeria blown up

Both, victims and alleged perpetrators are not clean sheets. Martin B. was convicted, for trafficking, pretending to be punished and providing false testimony. Most recently, he may have trusted the support from the constitutional protection department. He is considered an informant and confidant after serious criminal acts occurred in 2017. When 22 Chechens were arrested on the Danube Island with a submachine gun and other weapons, Martin B. was among them. In the course of extortion and an insurance fraud, a pizzeria was blown up in Hollabrunn. Martin B. is said to have made contact with an Egyptian doctor who cared for the burnt victim. The doctor may have prescribed drugs for the clan, thousands of which were sold expensive in Chechnya as replacement drug. Most recently, he had served a prison sentence until late summer 2019, from which he was conditionally released.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) demands full clarification in the case. He said, “we do not tolerate acts of violence on our soil. There is currently an intensive investigation going on to find out who is behind this murder. We needs full clarification, because foreign conflicts are brought to Austria frequently. One thing must be clear that I have zero tolerance for this. Violent or radical groups that trample on the rule of law for any reason would be treated with iron hands.__Kurier

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