Vienna: No space for rivals, but still hundreds took part in demonstration

Vienna: No space for rivals, but still hundreds took part in demonstration

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After the riots on Friday evening between left-wing activists and right-wing extremists, things remained calm on Saturday for the time being.

It started again at 5:30 p.m. at Columbusplatz; Hundreds of demonstrators were again expected to gather against “the current Turkish nationalist aggression”. Kurdish activists in Vienna, who had already officially registered their demonstration as on Friday evening.

Police secure access

However, yesterday, shortly after it start, there was a intrusion by supporters of the right-wing extremist Turkish “Gray Wolves”, for the time being it was quiet on Saturday evening. According to initial information, the number of participants were estimated at around 1,000. The police claims of 450 participant in the evening.

In any case, the police was well prepared, and parts of District Favoriten were cordend off. every access to the demo was secured with dozens of police officers, who were arranged in staggered rows.

Don’t miss the Turkish embassy

The original Plan of route by the activists to led past the Turkish embassy. But this route was largely cordened off.

“Fascism is not an opinion, fascism is a crime”

The police wanted to prevent the scenes and riots as on Friday evening with the security measures, as the forbidden “wolf salute” is said to have been seen at least 50 times, the symbol of the extreme Turkish right.

Firecrackers crashed

A police officer was slightly injured when a bottle was thrown at him. Five of his colleagues suffered tinnitus from a firecracker that exploded next to them. Three men were arrested and, according to police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer, there were “numerous identifications arrests and administrative notices” until late night.

Discussion about Hebein

After this escalated demonstration, there was a lot of political discussion and administrative clean up operation. The Vice Mayor of Vienna Birgit Hebein, Greens, was present demonstration and said that such politic doesn’t suit local and Turkis politicians at all. Dominik Nepp, FPÖ chairman in Vienna, called Hebein’s participation “particularly scandalous” and called for her resignation: “She is no longer viable for her office.” SPÖ Mayor Michael Ludwig must “immediately dismiss Hebein from her function”. ÖVP City Councilor Markus Wölbitsch spoke of a “scandal in a class of its own”.

However, Hebein emphasized on Saturday that she went to the meeting out of solidarity with the concerns of the Kurds (“No place for fascism”). “Everything was peaceful while she was there,” said her spokeswoman. But one thing she does of course make clear: the Vice Mayor has no understanding of the violence afterwards. “That should be condemned.” It is still unclear whether Hebein will participate in today’s

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