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‘India capitulated to China in Ladakh’ – Voice Of Vienna
‘India capitulated to China in Ladakh’

‘India capitulated to China in Ladakh’

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MUZAFFARABAD: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan has said that China by erecting a barricade against India’s aggression in Ladakh region has provided Pakistan an opportunity to convince the international community that China-India clash in Ladakh was not the real issue but the Kashmir conflict is the root cause of all problems in the region.

“India has capitulated to China in Ladakh but the evil-minded Indian rulers may carry out any misadventure against Pakistan and Azad Kashmir in order to divert attention from the Ladakh fiasco,” he said in an interview with Canada-based Omni TV through video link from Islamabad on Saturday.

The AJK president said that the United States which is occupied with its domestic issues, has not come up with a clear support to India on Ladakh issue.

He said that tension certainly prevails between China and the United States, but the two countries are big trade partners as well. Therefore, the US would never sacrifice its economic interests just to appease India.

Masood said that India which had arrogantly moved into Ladakh, after facing humiliating defeat and losing vast area, is now shamelessly claiming that the Chinese Army had not entered in any area under its occupation though the Indian media and some Modi government officials had been crying a few days back that the Chinese Army had captured 60 square kilometres area in Galwan valley.

After facing defeat on the military front, India on one hand talking about slashing its trade volume with China, while on the other, it has intensified brutalities against the defenceless people in Occupied Kashmir in order to divert attention.

He warned that reduction to trade with China will be suicidal for India because in case of further escalation in tensions, China may shift its 2.5 billion dollars’ investment from India to some other country.

Throwing light on the background of China-India tension, the AJK president said that China considers repeal of Articles 370 and 35-A and reversal of the special status of Kashmir by India as a danger to its security and sovereignty.

“We are thankful to China for shattering India’s arrogant expansion policy that had indirectly helped the Kashmiri people and facilitating Pakistan to convene three informal UN Security Council sessions on Kashmir,” Sardar Masood said.

To a question, he said that India has always used the bilateral talks as a time-buying ploy and to stabilise its occupation of Kashmir. Now that the issue has been once again internationalised, we should stick to our stance of resolving Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions.

About India’s non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council, the AJK president said that the Pakistani and the Kashmiri people were highly concerned over bringing the criminal in the rank of adjudicators. India must be brought to justice for its crimes against humanity, he said, adding that India’s presence in the Security Council will eclipse the image and credibility of the world


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