Austria: 20 Suspect, House searches in the far-right scene

Austria: 20 Suspect, House searches in the far-right scene

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After searches in the far-right scene, 20 suspects are being investigated by the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office for alleged violations of the Prohibition Act. More than 300 police officers were deployed under the auspices of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BVT) on Wednesday.

24 apartments – including 18 in Vienna, four in Lower Austria and two in Styria – were searched simultaneously. In some cases, the special units Cobra or WEGA had to break the doors. Nina Bussek, spokesperson of the Vienna public prosecutor’s office, confirmed the operation and the ongoing proceedings.

Search for ex-parliament worker

Seven of those involved are active in the security industry and are therefore legal gun owners. In addition, “among the 20 suspects” is a well-known person who has worked in parliament some times ago”, writes the (newspaper)” courier “. A man who was a security guard appeared during the investigation of the BAT committee who had been “exposed” in 2018 as well. “He worked by the student league that was later headed by a cabinet minister of one of FP minister. A gun was also allegedly found during the search by the former parliament worker, ”the newspaper revealed.

“Strike on the Far-Right Scene”

Six state offices for the protection of the constitution (LVT) are involved in the investigation. The first prosecutor Thomas Vecsey spoke to the “courier” of a “successful strike against the right scene”

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