Austria: NEOS for a gradual opening of the shops after easter

Austria: NEOS for a gradual opening of the shops after easter

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VIENNA: NEOS are pushing for a gradual opening of business despite the coronavirus crisis. “The government must finally begin not only to avert a health catastrophe, but to take every step to ensure that the economic catastrophe should not increase,” said NEOS business spokesman Sepp Schellhorn. It can be started after the Easter holidays.

“The people in this country are well aware that their health has top priority – so the government should not frighten them with war rhetoric and police state fantasies. Government should have to give them a confidence and develop a plan for how to do it without harm, ”said Schellhorn.

Schellhorn for a “10-1-1” rule

A suitable time for easing the trade is after the Easter holidays, claims Schellhorn – “exactly one month after the lockdown”. The restrictions came into effect on March 16. He suggests a “10-1-1” rule: “One customer per ten square meters of sales area for every business, no matter what industry, with a safety margin of at least one meter.” This would “stabilize the economy.”

For Schellhorn, a first important step that has already been taken is that pre-ordered meals can be picked up again from restaurants. “Before Easter, this has to be extended to other industries,” demands the NEOS member of Parliament. “Then why I could not pick up my schnitzel from the village farmer, my book from the bookstore, my plants from the small florist or the Easter gifts for my children from the toy shop around the corner.”

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