Austria: Oral protection as mask, Bank robber shots customer seriously injured

Austria: Oral protection as mask, Bank robber shots customer seriously injured

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VIENNA: A 58-year-old was seriously injured in an attack on a BAWAG PSK branch at Rennbahnweg 40 in Vienna-Donaustadt on Friday morning. The so far unknown perpetrator apparently shot the woman in the back when she tried to flee the branch. The robber, masked with a corona protective mask, then escaped by bike and police is in search of perpetrator.

As police spokesman Paul Eidenberger explained, the reconstruction of the crime was difficult. The testimony would not give a uniform narrative yet. The perpetrator, who was wearing a baseball cap, stopped the five people in the bank and order them to lay down on the floor.

Bullet sustained

The 58-year-old have tried to escape. She was shot from the back and was hit in the kidney area. The Wiener Ambulance service carried out initial care, reported their spokesman Andreas Huber. In the afternoon, she was in stable condition in the intensive care unit in hospital.

Search with a helicopter

The perpetrator, masked with an oral nose guard (MNS), which has been in use in supermarkets since this week, stole anunknown amount of cash. He escaped with the money in two shopping bags on a bike. A large contingent was initially unsuccessfully searched for him, the special unit Cobra, WEGA and a police helicopter were in action. The Vienna State Criminal Police Office investigate and the evaluation of the video surveillance should bring new

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