‘Up to 200,000 DEATHS’: Trump virus chief Fauci predicts MILLIONS of Covid-19 cases in US

‘Up to 200,000 DEATHS’: Trump virus chief Fauci predicts MILLIONS of Covid-19 cases in US

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President Trump’s Covid-19 advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci has issued a dire prediction: “Millions of cases,” and “100,000 to 200,000” deaths in the US. More than 2,200 people have already died of the deadly disease in the US.

Speaking on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ on Sunday, Fauci said that trying to predict the spread of the virus is akin to chasing a “moving target.” However, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director claimed that “between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths” may be coming.

“We have a serious problem in New York, we have a serious problem in New Orleans, and we’re going to be developing serious problems in other areas,” Fauci said.

Fauci cautioned that the true toll of the Covid-19 outbreak in the US will sit somewhere between the “best case” and “worst case” predictions currently doing the rounds. However, he did not say what scenario his own prediction fell under.

Fauci has publicly disagreed with President Donald Trump on how best to respond to the coronavirus crisis. As Trump mulled imposing a strict quarantine on “hot spots” like New York and New Jersey, Fauci warned that doing so would create “a bigger difficulty” in enforcement. He told CNN on Sunday that Trump decided not to issue the quarantine order after “intensive discussions” in the White House on Saturday night.

New York City, Fauci said, accounts for 56 percent of the country’s new infections.

While hundreds of thousands of deaths is a dire prediction, and stands at odds with President Trump’s optimistic tone during press briefings, Fauci has made even starker predictions before. Earlier this month, and with New York State only reporting 700 cases of the virus, Fauci appeared on CNN to warn that “it’s possible” that millions of Americans could die.

At the time, Fauci pointed to this extreme prediction as a worst case scenario. Now though, the coronavirus chief seems to consider it a reasonable assumption.

More than 124,000 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the US to date. Worldwide, the virus has infected nearly 700,000 people, killing 32,000.__RT.com

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