Austrian health minister: We “are far from where we have to go”

Austrian health minister: We “are far from where we have to go”

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The direction is right – but: “We are still far from where we want and have to go,” stated Health Minister Rudolf Anschober in a press conference on Thursday. The government’s measures would begin to take effect gradually. The domestic hospital system is well prepared, and there is currently sufficient free beds available. Though, the number of people infected with corona is currently increasing dramatically worldwide.

“We are in the middle of the pandemic,” Anschober said. The number of patients was 6001 in the morning, an increase of 13.6 percent compared to the previous day. But this is only a little meaningful daily value.

And although 87 percent of all infected people in Austria suffer from a mild course of the disease and can therefore be cared for at home, the preparation of the hospitals is essential. “Our first goal is that the growth is not higher than the total capacity of our hospitals,” said the minister. That is exactly what did not work in parts of Spain and Italy, said the Minister of Health. It is a strength of the Austrian strategy that a large number of patients can stay at home. 547 people are currently hospitalized, 96 in the intensive care unit.

Single-digit growth rates are now urgently sought: “My favorite wish would be a middle single-digit range,” said Anschober.

Doctors’ law amended

In any case, the hospital system is currently well prepared. The medical law has already been amended. Among others, it is now possible to carry out tests in the laboratory without a doctor. Moreover, specialists are now also working outside of their specialist area. And retired, regular and foreign doctors are currently allowed to carry out tests (Check ups) under supervision.

In addition, large deliveries of protective clothing are currently on the way to Austria. “These were procured on the international market. This is currently a big struggle to place an orders, “Anschober claimed. Eleven million gloves are expected to arrive on Friday alone.

The provinces are also well prepared for the rapid establishment of additional care facilities. There are 12,000 free beds in these special clinics where people with a milder course could be treated. We go towards 20,000 beds. The free bed inventory is continuously coordinated with the forecast calculations, claimed Anschober. In this way, the hospitals could be relieved in

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